Irca Academy
IRCA Academy is the new centre dedicated to professionals in the world of chocolate, pastry, bakery and ice-cream who want to improve their techniques and deepen their knowledge about the latest market trends.


The Academy can accommodate more than 120 professionals at the same time in its two large teaching areas which are specially fitted with state-of-the-art equipment.

The Academy primarily offers two type of courses:

“Creative” Workshop

The room is kitted out with the best equipment currently available on the market and 12 work stations positioned to create areas where participants can share equipment or work individually.

“Learning” Workshop

These workshops offer an approach to learning in which participants are members of an audience. The room seats 90 people and has an impressive workbench, almost like a stage, surrounded by a stunning array of state-of-the-art equipment to see chefs during the live demonstrations.

HR Technologies & Webinars

The rooms have HD cameras that enable everyone to follow every step of the course with “close-up” coverage screened on strategically positioned monitors. IRCA has also put cutting-edge technologies to provide an inclusive virtual experience for the global distribution network in remote way as well.


The key subjects covered by these workshops are focused on IRCA product range. This expertise is the culmination of research and practical experience throughout IRCA’s one-hundred-year history in confectionary and patisserie. The subjects are divided into 4 main branches: Chocolate, Pastry, Bakery and Gelato. A training programme is designed for each subject to give industry professionals a comprehensive overview of the product. This starts with how to select the right ingredients and then focuses on ways to use, preserve and store the product, and how to manage the product.

The Irca Chocolate Course

This course ranges from the basics of chocolatemaking to producing highly sophisticated chocolate creations. The course is ideal for anyone wishing to hone their skills for making chocolate desserts, pralines, ganache and mousse.

The Irca Bakery Course

Learn all the tricks of the bakery trade! This represents a large slice of IRCA’s one hundred years of experience and takes an in-depth look behind all the essential steps to successfully making the tastiest baked goods.

The Irca Pastry Course

This course is for all professional pastry chefs who wish to expand their horizons and perfect their skills, so they can use IRCA Pastry products correctly and deliver excellent results every time.

The Joygelato Course

This course is for aspiring ice-cream makers who wish to take their first steps in the world of fine quality artisanal ice-cream and for experienced professionals who want to ensure they know everything there is to know about the latest trends.