Who we are

IRCA is a company which has been producing food stuffs ever since 1919. Over the years, it has been constantly committed to adapting and extending its production plants. Currently its three plants in Gallarate and Vergiate cover a surface of over 50,000 square metres and produces a very wide range of items designed for bakery and pastry production. This constant focus has allowed the company to respond promptly to the needs of a constantly developing marketplace, thanks also to the help of a R&D laboratory which disposes of the most sophisticated equipment. Besides having progressively extended its own presence around Italy, it has also achieved significant results abroad, exporting to over 90 countries.

Its primary concern has been to provide a high quality product and an accurate and exclusive logistics system. This, together with its competitive prices, are the key for understanding the strong partnership that exists between our company and our distributorship.
All over the year, the customers are updated on the best way for using the products, through stages carried out by its staff of professional technicians, held at its demo laboratory and addressed to professional artisans, duly selected.
The responsible team for IRCA quality assurance is able to ensure strict and regular controls both on raw materials as well as on the production lots, guaranteeing the highest level of quality.

The ISO EN 9001 certification confirms that its quality system has achieved an important goal, and the officers in charge of this programme are steadily committed to increasing the efficiency of quality controls from every point of view.

Quality and Certifications

IRCA S.p.A. has always meticulously managed every aspect of production from monitoring and selecting ingredient suppliers through to perfecting the end product. This diligence led to the company’s quality system being certified in 2002 in accordance with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard (now ISO 9001:2015) and certification in 2008 for the countless production lines that meet the requirements set out in the BRC and IFS standards (currently the BRC issue 7 and the IFS 6).
IRCA S.p.A. also chose to promote socially and ecologically sustainable crops when sourcing its ingredients. The company attained the ‚Äúmass balance‚ÄĚ certification in line with the UTZ standard for cocoa-based ingredients in 2012 and was then certified in 2013 in accordance with the RSPO standard for ingredients made with palm oil, which means it can support producers and their families and also help to safeguard natural resources.
As part of the company’s ongoing commitment to meeting and anticipating consumer demands, IRCA S.p.A. has now also attained KOSHER and HALAL certifications for select products and received certificates of origin in the past year for semifinished goods made with PGI Piedmontese hazelnuts and PDO Bronte green pistachio nuts.