Pralin Delicrisp

Finest paste with crunchy Delicrisp made with pure butter


PRALIN DELICRISP is an extraordinarily high quality product containing ingredients, perfectly combined, which confer a particularly refined taste. The crunchiness of the pieces of crêpes brings out the taste of every single ingredient, drawing out unique sensations on the palate. PRALIN DELICRISP is particularly suitable for  the preparation of delicious pralines, entremets, cake fillings, petits fours and ice cream variegates.


5 kg pails.

Direction to use


  • to make fillings for moulded pralines (g 800 PRALIN DELICRISP, g 200-300 dark, milk or white tempered  chocolate)
  • to make pralines (g 1.000 PRALIN DELICRISP g 1.000 dark, milk or white tempered  chocolate )


  • as a ready to use filling for cakes, shortbread, cookies, puff pastries, etc. simply by  spreading the product with a palette knife on sponge cake, puff pastry, shortcrust pastry, etc.
  • as a filling for entremets, spread the product with a palette knife in the proper rings of the desired height (5-10 millimetres) and put in a freezer for a few minutes so it can be easily placed inside a cake, mousse, ganache, etc.


  • as a variegate for many i9ce-cream flavours, such as fior di latte, hazelnut, gianduia, chocolate, etc. simply by slightly heating the product (35-40°C) in a microwave oven or a bain-mairie and then spreading it with a palette knife on the surface of the ice-cream as it comes out of the batch freezer.