Complete preparation for bread low in carbohydrates and rich in proteins



AMAVITA is a complete mix in powder of natural ingredients studied to obtain a bread with a low content of carbohydrates (6%) and rich in proteins (26,5%) and fibers (11%). Thanks to a mix of vegetable proteins such as wheat, soybeans and chickpeas, AMAVITA has a much higher protein content compared to a traditional bread.  AMAVITA grants the artisan baker to get a specific bread for customers who follow dissociated diets rich in proteins and low in carbohydrates. Its characteristics make it particularly suitable to be eaten during dinner.


10 kg bags.

Direction to use

Water 8,6 kg
Yeast 300 g

Kneading timing (spiral mixer): 20 minutes
Resting: 15-20 minutes at room temperature (20-22°C)
Final leavening: 40-60 minutes at 28-30°C
Baking: 200-220°C

Preparation: dose the dough according to the desired weight, roll and moisten it. Let a mix of seeds (DECORGRAIN) adhere to it and then put the dough into pullman-loaf moulds. Let it leaven and then bake it (giving steam) gradually with variable temperatures according to the sizes.