Cereal-based preparations for leavened products, shortcrust pastry and cakes



Realized with a mix of cereals and natural yeast, CEREAL’EAT Lievitati easily allows to prepare Panettoni and Colombe with cereals as well as all sort of leavened products such as croissants, kranz and brioches.
CEREAL’EAT Lievitati is the right product for the artisan behind the times who is willing to realize products with long leavening, rediscovering the the incomparable “rustic” and old fashioned taste.
CEREAL'EAT CAKE is a mix for the production of high-quality cakes.
CEREAL’EAT FROLLA is a mix for the production of shortcrust pastry and friable products.


CEREAL'EAT Lievitati: 10 kg bags. CEREAL'EAT CAKE and CEREAL'EAT FROLLA: 5 kg bags.