Neutral, apricot or strawberry concentrated jelly - dilution from 50 to 60%  or from 30 to 60%

Gluten free
Gluten free
Gluten free
Gluten free


These jellies have a soft, creamy consistency which means that they dissolve in water easily. The result is a jelly which is particularly transparent and bright.


6 and 14 kg pails.

Direction to use

COVERGEL 1.000 g
Water or fruit juice 500 g

Dissolve the COVERGEL in the water or fruit juice; bring to the boil on a hotplate or in a microwave oven, stirring frequently (prolonged boiling is to be avoided) and then pour directly over the cakes.

NOTES: the quantity of water used can vary, according to needs, from 25 to 60%. The jelly which is not used immediately can be utilised later on, taking care to add a small quantity of water to make up for that which has evaporated.
To maintain the characteristic transparency, colour and taste of the jelly made with COVERGEL as much as possible, it is important that the container used in the preparation has no remnants of caramalised products; in order to minimalise the risk of burning at the bottom, it is advisable to measure out the water before the gelatin.
After having heated until the jelly has completely dissolved (the ideal temperature is 95°C), it is best to let it cool for several minutes; to avoid damage to the fruit, the recommended temperature for applying the jelly is 70°C.
Apple and other fruit tarts should be left to cool completely before covering them with gelatin.