Pikima cake

Recipe for 4 cakes with an 18 cm diameter and 4 cm height

- Almond biscuit recipe (for two 60x40 baking sheets):

Whole eggsg 480

Whisk all the ingredients in a planetary mixer for 10-12 minutes at high speed, spread evenly 500 g of whipped batter on sheets of parchment paper, then bake for 5-6 minutes at 220-240°C with the valve closed. Let it cool off and cut out 8 circles with a 16 cm diameter.

Notice: in order to obtain the best possible whipped effect, we suggest using amounts in proportion to the capacity of the planetary bowl. If the temperature of the eggs is too low, the volume of the whipped batter is reduced. For a longer preservation, place the sheets of biscuit in the freezer, well covered.

- Mango mousse recipe:

Water or milk (15-20┬░C)g 225
Cream (4-5┬░C)g 750

Whisk all the ingredients in a planetary mixer equipped with a whisk until obtaining a creamy consistency. The product may be also used with the indirect method, by mixing LILLY MANGO with the water or milk beforehand and then adding the whipped non-sweetened cream.

- Pistachio mousse recipe:

Liquid creamg 225
Stabilized whipped cream
(g 450 of cream, g 75 of LILLY NEUTRAL and g 75 of water)

Melt the CHOCOCREAM PISTACHIO at 45° C, add it to the liquid cream, mixing it until obtaining a soft and smooth ganache.Mix in the whipped cream, stirring gently. To obtain an ideal consistency for the mousse, we suggest not whipping the cream completely and to add it in two separate times.

- Recipe for Pistachio macarons:

Icing sugarg 100
Pistachiosg 65
Egg whitesg 110-120
Caster sugarg 30

Grind the AVOLETTA, icing sugar and pistachios with a cutter for about 30 seconds, until obtaining a good fininess of the pistachios. Whisk the egg whites until stiff, together with the caster sugar, then add the previously prepared mixture, stirring gently to obtain a smooth and homogeneous paste. Pipe out with a pastry bag with a smooth tip onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, lightly tap the bottom of the sheet to adjustthe surface of the macarons and to make the pistachio grains stick to the surface.
Baking in ventilated oven: let rest for 5 minutes at room temperature and bake at 140° for 10-12 minutes with the valve open.
Baking in regular oven: let rest for about 30 minutes at room temperature and bake for 10-12 minutes with the valve open.

- Instructions:
place a disc of biscuit on the bottom of each Bavarian cake ring (18 cm diameter), put an even layer of mango mousse and stick another disc of biscuit on top. With a pastry bag, pipe out a layer of FRUTTIDOR KIRSCH over the entire surface of the biscuit and fill the ring with pistachio mousse. Smooth out with a spatula and put into a blast chiller or a freezer. When completely frozen, decorate the surface with  MIRROR PISTACHIO after heating it up in a microwave oven at 45-50°C. Remove from the steel cake rings and decorate the sides with pistachio Macarons and the surface as desired.