Natural concentrated improver based on malted cereals flour, enzimes and ascorbic acid (0,7% - 1,5%)



TARGET and TARGET SP are natural enzyme-based improvers that, while guaranteeing a high level of quality, represent a suitable solution to the need for a particularly convenient and extremely competitive price-quality relationship. TARGET and TARGET SP can be used in the production of bread, pizzas, focaccias, breadsticks and leavened confectionery (croissants, doughnuts etc.). Thanks to the particular way they are produced, using TARGET products leads to the following benefits:

  • notable increase in volume of finished products, even in the presence of mechanical stresses and vibrations
  • high level of consistent performance, correcting rheological fluctuations in different flours
  • elimination of problems deriving from unexpected temperature variations or complications during the production process
  • guaranteed high tolerance during leavening
  • guaranteed consistency of resultsmore golden, more appetising look to finished products
  • longer-lasting fragrance for finished products
    Compared to the natural improvers from the YORK product line, TARGET products lead to finished items with a clearer colouring.


25 kg bags.

Direction to use

How to use TARGET: 0.7-1.5kg per 100kg of flour.
How to use TARGET SP: 0.4kg per 100kg of flour.
The quantity can be reduced as low as 0.2kg according to the quality of the flour used and the recipes and procedures followed.
- Add TARGET directly to the other dough ingredients.
- TARGET can be added either to the dough or to the sponge dough, or to doughs with long leavening times.
- TARGET can be used in the production of any type of bread or leavened dough: it is sufficient to declare the presence of 'malted cereal flour' among the ingredients.