Whipping agent for sponge cakes and ice creams
Gluten free
Gluten free


The way that products from the SVELTO range are made, with a monoglyceride base, give them exceptional emulsifying and enlarging capacities. Their effect on the dough allows for the production of sponge, egg pasta, sponge fingers etc, mixing and whipping all the ingredients.
The dough keeps whipped longer and the finished products are perfectly developed, soft and with a consistently even structure. Using SVELTO, it is thus possible to get beaten dough with consistently high quality.
Using SVELTO in the manufacture of icecreams leads to bigger volumes and enhanced, long-lasting creaminess.


5 and 10 kg containers

Direction to use

the recommended proportion of SVELTO is no more than 2% of the total of the ingredients used to make up the dough. Put eggs, water, sugar and SVELTO in the mixer and add the remaining ingredients; mix everything with some brief stirring with the whisk and then beat. After about 7-10 minutes the result will be a soft, voluminous, perfectly-beaten dough.

the recommended quantity is between 4 to 6 grammes per litre of base mixture and should be added before the cooling process. With horizontal whisks, the quantity should be slighlty reduced.

NOTES: it is advisable not to beat excessive quantities, otherwise the whisks become completely submerged and the whipping efficiency is reduced. Remove only the desired quantity of the product from the package, avoid returning unused quantities to the package and close well after every use.