Swiss roll (soffin)

Flourg 300
Sugarg 500
Eggsg 800
Waterg 200

METHOD: beat all the ingredients together in a mixer for 8-10 minutes, spread the mixture evenly onto ovenproof paper to a thickness of half a centimetre, and bake quickly at 220-230°C with the valve closed. For the preparation of SWISS ROLL turn upside down the pastry sheets, wet them with liqueur or soaking solutions, then spread them uniformly with the desired cream (custard, ganache, butter cream or FRUIT JAMS or FILLINGS, NOCCIOLATA, MARIXCREAM). Procede with the rolling up to get the desired diameter, cover the sweet with chocolate or creams and decorate with HAZELNUTS GRANULES, VERMICELLI, FLAKES. To facilitate the cut in slices is advisable to set the pastries in refrigerator for some hours.

Swiss Roll (Soffin)


To optimize the beating procedure, it is advisable to use quantities that are in proportion to the mixer bowl. If the temperature of the eggs or water is too low, the final volume will be reduced. If pasteurized eggs are used at 5°C, it is important to increase the whipping time. The water component of the recipe can be replaced by whole eggs to further improve the soft, tasty characteristics of the finished products.